About Me

     Bio.....I'm Spud and I live the good life in the country.  I get to run and play over hills, creeks, woods, pastures and hay fields.  Horse's hooves, coyotes, tractors, and vicious cats don't scare me.  I'm pretty much fearless unless there is a thunderstorm.  Then I hide behind the protective toilet....(not something I'm too proud of).
     Current obsession....a particular golf cart.  I can't seem to make up my mind if I want to ride the cart or run beside it and have taken more than one nosedive!

     My history....Mom's daughter, Antonia, talked her into getting me from some friends whose daughter Dora said I was round like a potato spud and promptly named me "Spud".  Later Mom found out that they had sold me to some people in an apartment.  But, those humans didn't want me after all and took me back!  I say it's their loss! 

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