Rattlesnake Man

     Mom and her friend Connie heard about this man that killed rattlesnakes and made things out of the hides.  Feeling adventurous, the pair decided they had to find him.  Now, Rattlesnake Man lives in the midde of the desert in Arizona.  Because Ethel, the GPS system got them lost, to this day Mom doesn't exactly remember where he lives or how they found their way out of the desert!  After driving past Ghost Towns on washed out roads awhile,  FOREVER, it was almost dusk when they found an old trailer and lots of interesting junk outside. 
     Anxious to get out of the car, Mom made her way to a retro trailer while Connie stayed in the car talking to Tim, her son, on the phone.  Soon, a grizzled, old man came out of the trailer and Mom struck up a conversation with him.  Not realizing the trailer was a store, Connie watched in horror as Mom followed the man into the trailer. 
     "Mom, what are you doing out there?"  Tim shouted.  Connie explained that we were there to see what he had for sale
     "Just grab some bleep and get out of there!" Tim frantically replied.
     Connie hopped out of the car and burst into the trailer, ready to SAVE her friend from Rattlesnake Man.  She soon realized all was well and Rattlesnake Man quietly slipped out of the trailer, leaving Mom and Connie to shop all by themselves.
     After writing down their purchases on a note and leaving money for them in a box attached to the trailer, Mom and Connie realized they had met who was probably the most honest, trustworthy person on the planet.


This stuff was NOT for sale!

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