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     I spend LOTS of time next to Mom in her chair when she reads so I thought I would give out some advice on some of the animal books she reads.  I am a dog, right?  I think I can safely say that qualifies me as an expert on the subject of animals.  I'll be reviewing animal books for all ages since I was a young pup once.  You can click the Book Review tab for future comments about books!

Animal Book #1

     This is a gift book from Hallmark that Mary M. from Mom's school gave to Mom.  Besides making great presents, gift books are fun to leave out on your coffee table for company to look through.  If you love dogs, (and who doesn't?), and need a big laugh, you will love this book!  It is full of adorable pictures and one liners like...

There will be more tree to pee on if it's lying on its side.

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