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Garden Tip #3 Advantages of Container Gardening
     Aunt Karen brought Mom some good smelling herbs in tubs this summer when Mom couldn't take care of her garden.  Karen said she just didn't know what she would do without her plants.  Mom thought it was one of the most thoughtful gifts she ever received!
     Herbs planted in containers have many advantages.  Mom's experience is that other plants such as eggplant and tomato take way too much water in tubs for the harvest they produce.

Advantages for planting herbs in tubs:

#1  You can keep them as near to the house as you like.
#2  You do not have to bend over very far to care for them.
#3  There are very little weeds to pull.
#4  Little dogs can not "GET" to them very easily.  Who, me?  I would never think of peeing on herbs!

Garden Tip #2  How to Bring Herbs in From Outside for the Winter

#1  When preparing herbs to be brought in the house for winter, try placing them in a pot and leave outside, only bringing them in at night for about 2 weeks before the first frost. 

#2  Also, try to place them outside during the day in a spot with some shade.  That will help get herbs used to having less light that they will have indoors. 

#3  Give the plant plenty of extra water to limit stress during the transition time. 

#4  After bringing indoors, check herbs to make sure they aren't drying out.  They will most likely require more water than they did outside.

     Cooking with fresh rosemary is a real treat all year long for humans.  As for me, I'm fine with no spices at all on my meat.


Garden Tip #1  How to Keep Bugs Off  Tomatoes

     Plant nasturtiums in with your tomato plants.  Humans use the flowers in salads and the peppery smell keeps bugs off tomatoes!  This tip comes from Ronda, Mom's cousin. 

This is a violet, not a nasturtium, but I hear humans eat them also.  Yuck!

If you don't have nasturtiums, a little rat terrier can keep bugs and mice away!

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