Healthy Tips

Tip Number 4  Stinky Dog Tip

     This tip is for stinky dogs....stinky being a relative term.  I know many humans who have accused us canines of being smelly when I think there is no smell on earth that's better than a dog who just rolled in dead possum.  Anyway, us dogs must keep our humans somewhat here is a little tip that does not require a bath! 

     Sprinkle a little baking soda on your dog to remove odor.  (I don't know if it takes out dead possum smell.  Mom always makes me take a bath for that one.)


Tip Number 3  Uses for Honey

#1  Swallow a teaspoon full at the first sign of a sore throat.  Continue this several times a day.  Honey kills bacteria and helps to soothe sore throats.

#2  Replace sugar when cooking.  Mom heard that honey helps to balance the body by making it more alkaline.

#3  This is very sticky, but Mom often uses it to coat a cut and then covers the cut with a bandaid.  Again, honey kills bacteria, thereby reducing the risk of infection.

Tip Number 2   Rinse with Vinegar

     Use a little vinegar and water to rinse fur after taking a shower or bath.  Mom usually uses equal parts of both.  Vinegar helps to take out old residue from soaps, kills some unwanted buggy pests, and leaves fur feeling very soft.  It is safe and so much CHEAPER than conditioner and it works on humans also!

     I DO NOT LIKE BATHS! I do like the clean feeling vinegar leaves afterwards though. Mom used to let me pull on the towel after the bath.  Lately, though, she has discouraged this action due to a few torn towels.  Can I help it if I'm so mighty! 

Tip Number 1   How to get rid of fleas.

This is so gross!  But Mom says this is the best remedy yet that she has found to get rid of fleas that somehow have gotten in the house.  (Don't blame the dog!  Can I help it if my fur just happens to be the place where fleas like to live.)  Plus, this is MUCH cheaper than any sprays, bombs, etc... and safer for my enviornment.

You need the following:

Dawn Dishsoap
Pie pan without holes in the bottom
Desk lamp

1.  Mix a little Dawn Dishsoap into some water in the pie pan.
2.  Position the desk lamp above the pan.
3.  Wait until dark and turn the lamp on.
4.  The fleas will jump toward the light and fall into the soapy water.  Drown you little buggers, drown!!!!!

Check out the moths and other bugs in the pan after a few days!

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