Saturday, November 27, 2010


     Mom thinks I'm something "bee-utiful"  to "bee-hold" in my bee costume!  I reluctantly conceeded to play the part that "bee-fell" me, although it would have "bee"n  more "bee-fitting" "bee-fore" this time of the year, say around October 31st.   You can tell I'm a bit of a "bee-ginner" when it comes to drama.  I'm having a difficult time covering up some ticked off "bee-havior".  "Bee"-sides it's just a little un"bee"-lievable that Mom would dress me up to promote some tips using honey.  "Bee-seeching" her to stop taking pictures did not work.  I "bee"-lieve I'll have to "bee"-siege the costume to get my point across!

     We never seem to have enough honey around our house and use it instead of sugar which is a good thing considering the price of sugar right now!  Click the Tips tab for using honey if  you want to "bee" healthy.  (Sorry I couldn't resist!)


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