Sunday, November 14, 2010


     I confess, I am captivated by toads. 
     This summer Mom noticed that we didn't have very many toads around.  Even the resident barn toad was missing.  They say if you don't have toads, you probably have snakes, so given the alternative, Mom chose toads.
     Mom thought she would invite snakes to a toad banquet by bringing some hopping joy home from Aunt Sue's house that Trey, Mom's nephew, caught.  Not really.....she just wanted the toads for eating bugs.  I wanted to eat the toads.  I think I hear the music to "The Circle of Life" playing somewhere.  Do the words "food chain" come to mind? 
     However, one little lick gave me a toad-aly sneezing fit.  Hmmmmmmmm.

     Ok, I confess, this shot is a tree frog, not a toad, safe from a curious little dog like me.


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