Monday, September 20, 2010


     It's a little humiliating, but you might as well know that I live in a three dog home.  You would think that one little rat terrier would be quite enough dog for one family.  I get along just fine with Porky, the 13 year old half Walker Coon dog, half German Shepherd.  Maybe it's because he doesn't do much except lie around, enjoying retirement.  But then there is Sacha.   She is a half Australian Shepherd, half Catahoula.  That's right, I said Catahoula, and she is more like the cat in Catahoula, than a dog.  I highly do not recommend getting one unless you live far, far away from other houses, (she runs like a wild woman...I have no idea what that means), in Louisiana, where they are the state dog.  Hmmmm, do other states have a state dog?    Any of you states need a state dog?  Let's consider the rat terrier....for obvious reasons.    
     Focus.....Anyway, catahoulas are used to hunt wild boars and even wear little vests for protection.  I don't know what the big deal is about boars.  I think it is far more important to rid the world of mice.  That is one of my missions in life.  I frequently check out the horse tank where the horse feed is kept and am sometimes lucky enough to come across one.  Mouse, not boar. 
     Purebred Catahoulas are very hard to find outside Louisiana and Texas.  Mom happened on Sacha and gave her to Dad for a birthday present.  I think a doggie bone would have been better.  Her one mission in life is to hunt me.   Maybe she thinks I am a boar.  She crouches like a leopard and springs up and attacks me and grabs me with her hands.  Yep, her paws are like hands.  She delights in holding me down with her hands!  Actually, she is a clown....or crazy....or a crazy clown.  Her picture says it all, doesn't it?

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  1. Catahoula's are kind of rare around here, aren't they?